Funny Old Project

June 15th, 2012 | Posted by Michelle in Sewing | Stuffies

It can be hilarious when you start looking through old pictures on your computer and come across projects you had forgotten about.

Horned Dice

Kind of like this one. It was a fuzzy horned dice that I had made for an old boss.

Why in the world would I make it for a boss? Well, we were good friends, and at the time he was also driving a huge old car that had a red velvet interior. It reminded me of something that a pimp cowboy would drive. So I decided he needed fuzzy dice hanging from his mirror and a pair of horns attached to his grill. He was all for it but the wife said no. Instead I decided to combine the two and make him Fuzzy Horned Dice! I’m not sure why I made it hot pink, but it was probably just for the hilarity of the situation.

The wife loved it.

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