Green Squares Scarves

May 18th, 2010 | Posted by Michelle in Sewing | Wearables - (Comments Off on Green Squares Scarves)

My sister was the hardest person to make a Christmas gift for (this is the last Christmas post, I promise). I didn’t think she would like one of the wall hangings I made for other members of the family, mostly because she had JUST graduated law school and hadn’t gotten around to finding her own place yet. She’ll get one later probably but she had no place to put it. We never were really close growing up and we have our differences, but I still really wanted to make her something she would enjoy despite everything.

So I saw this tutorial for a T-shirt scarf on Ruffles And Stuff a while ago and I wanted to try it with something. It looked just so cute!

I also found some really fun and fuzzy green fabric in my stash while I was cleaning that I had no idea what I was going to do with. It seemed perfect.


Broken Zipper, Oh No!

May 6th, 2010 | Posted by Michelle in Sewing | Tips | Wearables - (Comments Off on Broken Zipper, Oh No!)

This was not the thing I wanted to have happen one cold and wet morning. The loud clang bang I kept hearing from the dryer was making me rather nervous. Usually when I put the coat in the dryer it would make a bang and clang because of the zipper but this time it just sounded different.

Different in a bad way.

Broken Zipper Pull

I was really not happy to find my zipper pull detached from my coat, especially since I didn’t have another warm AND water-proof one.

Keep in mind this coat was a couple years old, pissed me off, and was only around $10. It pissed me off because the zipper would get caught in the little flaps it had to cover the zipper. It had a invisible zipper thing going on, and had more flaps on the inside to keep the zipper off the skin. But those flaps just kept getting stuck!

I had to fix it.

Why fix something you hate though? Well there is that thing called money that you need to buy a new one… Yeah a little short on that front. Plus this was the first coat I found when we first moved here to the Pacific North West that would fit and keep me warm from the snow.


Pretty Pink Tutu

October 25th, 2009 | Posted by Michelle in Sewing | Wearables - (Comments Off on Pretty Pink Tutu)

I got a call from my friend the other night from the fabric store, wanting to know how much tulle to make a tutu and how to make it. Given that its close to Halloween, it really wasn’t that unusual but still hilarious.

We got 2 main types of tulle, and more of an accent of sparkly pink tulle. The only reason the sparkly was an accent was because it was $6 a yard, vs. the $1.50 of the other type. Needless to say we only got 1 yard of the sparkle stuff.

Cut Tulle

I cut the plain tulle in half in length and then in to 4″ strips, the sparkle was cut into 2″ strips. I do have to say, cutting tulle is a real pain in the butt.

Overall the tutu turned out really good, we used the tutorial here, which is a pretty common method I’ve seen around. It was easy and the only difficult part was dealing with cutting all that tulle!

I think next time I would go with the rolls of tulle, and just cut the lengths, it might be easier.

Finishing Tutu

This was incredibly easy to make. But I have to admit the funniest part was telling my friend, who I was making it for, to go look in the mirror to see our handiwork (well my handiwork). There was a large amount of squealing, bouncing, and excitedness. Yep, my friend is a princess.

Modern Princess

Well, a modern princess with an addiction to text messaging. Wait, princesses don’t wear tutus…do they? Ah, well.

Tutu Poof

We used 9 yards of tulle, but I really think for an even better adult tutu a few more yards would have been better. Next time I think I would get 12 yards. If your making a tutu, you want it to be as fluffy as possible! That’s just how it is.

Another difficult part about the tutu was getting her to stop flouncing around the backyard long enough to get a picture of it.

Crazy Tutu

I do have to say I love the sparkly tulle in the sunlight, it really made the difference and added a little something extra to the fun-ness of the tutu.


I think someone needs to have a little girl for me to make one for. I need another tutu in my life. Even if one of my friends throws a boy, they’ll get a tutu. I’ll scar them for life. Muahaha.