Phone Case Decorating Semi-Fail

August 19th, 2012 | Posted by Michelle in Crafts - (Comments Off on Phone Case Decorating Semi-Fail)

I love my BlackBerry. It has been able to keep me organized and together with all of the little alarms and alerts I put in. I am so disorganized but at least this has helped me a little bit.

The one thing that sucks about this version (Torch) is that it’s got a slider so finding a case for it is hard. The top piece always breaks off first and then you’re just stuck with a crappy case that falls off. I really like this case I found on Amazon, and it really holds on to the phone. Or at least it did until I dropped it and a few of the little tabs snapped, now its just turning into another one of those crappy cases that falls off.

So since I need a new case anyways I decided to decorate it. I’ve been a little obsessed with nail polish lately so I decided I would use that. What in the world was I thinking!?

Sparkly Blue Polish

I’ve been a little obsessed with this color lately. I love teal/blue and for some reason now that I’ve almost hit 30 I am in the “I LOVE SPARKLES!!!” mind. I think I really have mentally gone wackers.

Top Case Beginning Of Bling

At first it seemed to be going great. It looked neat having that sparkle on the top piece but it wasn’t as vibrant as I wanted it to be. I was a little concerned that it would take the whole bottle of polish to give it a nice solid teal sparkle look. So on the bottom I decided to use a solid and cover it with the sparkles to see what happens.

Solid Teal Polish

Here’s the thing I didn’t think about though. My case has this nice and slightly grippy coating on it, so if I had it in my lap when driving it wouldn’t go sliding everywhere (which is awesome when you use speakerphone). My husband also loved this case and ordered the exact one for himself. Another reason to want a glittery and girly case is so that you don’t have the momentary “Oh crap, his phone or mine?”. I do still love the blue color though.

Beginning Blue BB Case

I put a ball of tape on the bottom as a sort of handle to hold the case while I painted it, this was the only part of the whole process that actually worked perfectly.

Tape To Hold While Painting

You know that coating that I love? Evidently it doesn’t like nail polish!

Phone Case Fail

It started doing this weird crumpled look all over the case, which is so not cute! I then took the case to the bathroom and removed all the polish with remover and started over.

Finished Case

You can see the areas under the sparkles where it’s black, that’s whats under the blue coating. Luckily the sparkles didn’t cause as much of the weird crumpling, so I just coated it in 3 coats of that. I now can really tell my case apart from the husband’s, but I still need a new case. Unfortunatly the case doesn’t come in the color I want (only red, purple, blue and black) so I’ll just have to suck it up and order one of the other colors.

Not a total fail, but did not turn out the way that I wanted it to!

Commodore Christmas Ornaments

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Finished Commodore Logo

I don’t know about you but I think summer is the best time to start getting your handmade Christmas gifts underway. I generally make all my presents if I can, here’s a past example of something for the Husband.

The things I do for my man. Sometimes I just get these crazy ideas and decide to try and make something but I really have no idea what I’m doing.

The last few years, hallmark has made game themed ornaments that Husband loves. They are modeled after the stand up arcade machines, and they released two classic games: Galaga and Pac-Man. He had no idea they were coming out so he was greatly surprised at Christmas when I would give them to him.

This year he remembered about the ornaments and was so super excited about what would be released in the future when I had to break the news to him.

They weren’t doing them anymore.

He was really quite upset and didn’t understand why they weren’t doing them anymore. I felt so bad for him that I wanted to figure out a way to make him something.

The Return… of Christmas?

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It’s been a long time, it was almost a shock when I looked at my site and realized I have SO much to share and I haven’t done anything about it! I have been a busy bee, so lets make with the sharing.

I’m not Martha Stewart. I’m not trying to be. I don’t think I ever really want to be.

Finished String Ornament

But I do have to give her props with her creativity and skills. I decided this year that I hate our Christmas tree decorations. They were mostly shiny balls and nothing of character (in my eyes at least). So I decided that I wanted to start making some ornaments for ourselves as well as for presents.

These ones were slated to be part of the presents I was going to give out, but I didn’t figure out the most important trick to these things until AFTER I already mailed the other ones. So I just stuck them all on my tree this year.

Quilt Design Board

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There was a time that I realized that I needed somewhere to lay out my quilts so I could look at them and “edit” them easily. Especially since I really seem to like doing the whole “random” patterns.

This was especially true when I started doing the Quilted Wall Hangings for Christmas presents. 2″ squares. Lots of 2″ squares. In a “random” pattern. I really should have known what I was getting myself into.

So I created my own design board. (more…)