Blue Coin Stack Baby Quilt

September 22nd, 2012 | Posted by Michelle in Quilts | Sewing

Blue Coin Stack Quilt

My best friend has been wanting to be a mother for the past few years, and it has finally happened for her. I was so excited for her and the new addition to the family. She’s almost my sister, I’ve known her for 25-ish years, so this was super exciting for myself also. I finally get to be that crazy aunt figure in someones life.

Blue Coin Stack Fabrics

I wanted her son to have a family heirloom of his very own, for it to bring comfort when I cannot be there to hold him. I made her a quilt for her birthday a few years ago, and I wanted there to be a tie between these two quilts. If you look closely at the fabric then you can tell its the same patterns but in blue instead of pink. It’s a little floral for a boy, but that’s alright. I’m sure in a few years he’ll get a super hero quilt too.

I also really love how I did the quilting. I had never done this type of pattern before, and while it’s simple it really gives it a great texture.

Blue Coin Stack Binding and Backing

The backing is also the same color as my friend’s quilt, so I like having that symmetry also. It was really beautiful, and the bonus was that they both loved it and have used it since that little man was born.

I didn’t get an overall picture of the quilt before I had to mail it down to her, so I’m hoping I will get the chance to get more pictures of it when I see them at Christmas.

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