My name’s Michelle and I have an addiction to crafting.

Even though my into sounds like something you would hear at a 12-step program it is completely true. I have a creative personality that needs to be expressed. Luckily my mother was also of the crafty persuasion and she taught my sister and I to also enjoy creating things.

I first touched a sewing machine when I was very young. My mother had a love of making all of our clothes and the love of the sewing machine has been passed down to me. I haven’t been too keen on making clothes yet, but I love to sew, quilt and just create things as often as possible.

And use glue. I love glue.

I love to create things to give to friends and family as gifts. Creating literally a part of my soul and it feeds that part of me to make and gift things to those I love. If I give you something, it literally is a declaration of how much I care about you as a person and how you’ve touched my life. Sometimes its something as simple as making cookies, or mending something, or it can be as complicated as making you a quilt to celebrate the new addition to your family.

This is love. This is my love to you. I’m giving you a part of my heart and I hope you love it as much as I do.