Pink Diamonds

June 19th, 2010 | Posted by Michelle in Quilts | Sewing - (Comments Off on Pink Diamonds)

Sometimes there are those people in your life that are more than friends, more like family. Someone who has been there so long that you don’t think about them not being there. I had one of these and we lost contact for several years and recently we’ve picked up where we left off.

She’s been under a lot of stress lately and sometimes you need just a pick me up. I had planned to make this for her as a wedding present, but I decided her birthday would be better since it was sooner.

Pink Diamond Front

She’s a very girlie type, likes the pink colors and frilly things. So I chose pretty pink fabrics with some greens as well just to give it a little pop. I’m not sure of the dimensions, I forgot to measure before I left, but Husband (who is holding it in the pic) is almost 6′ so its taller than that since held it above his head, but wide enough to cover someone if they are laying down.

Diamond Backing

I chose a neutral backing, letting the top shine through. I wanted it to be very subtle, girlie, and traditional.

Quilt Upclose

The quilting part wasn’t so bad if I do say so myself. I haven’t strayed farther than the stitch in the ditch method, but I think it really lent itself to the look of the quilt that I was going for.

She lives in a different state than me, so I shipped her a giant box of goodies to make her laugh. The quilt was wrapped at the bottom of the box, in Christmas wrapping I believe, covered in 15(?) other gifts. There were a few others that I made myself and I’ll share later, but this one was her main gift.

She loved it.

So Many Plans

June 14th, 2010 | Posted by Michelle in Random/Other - (Comments Off on So Many Plans)

This past week has been quite…annoying.

The Husband had been sick for two weeks when suddenly I started feeling it… The exhaustion, the tickle in my chest, the sudden need to sleep for hours. Damn…

It’s been about two weeks since I first came down with it, and now I am finally feeling better. Last week sucked because I was feeling better, but not good enough to do anything worthwhile. I spent hours watching Hulu, finding new shows, and just letting my brain melt until I felt well enough to do anything.

So for two weeks I starting planning all the things I wish I was doing, itching to do. I missed my fabric and sewing machine.

Projects I’m planning:

  • Finishing my current quilt.
  • Sewing some Dammit Dolls (more on that later).
  • Custom camera purse.
  • Every day purse.
  • More postings on all of my blogs (more later).

There were just so many things going on in my mind…I was going nuts! I’m now finally starting to feel better and starting to work on projects. I’m still in recovery, so projects will be slow going but I can share some past done things while I’m working.


June 6th, 2010 | Posted by Michelle in Random/Other - (Comments Off on Illness)

Here’s the thing I hate about being sick.

I have all these projects swimming around in my head, waiting to be started or completed, but I’m just too darn sick to actually do them.

Here’s to having a week of getting better so I can start making/finishing things again. If it wasn’t for, I think I would be going absolutely mental. Well at least more mental than I am right now.