Quilt Design Board

May 31st, 2010 | Posted by Michelle in Crafts - (Comments Off on Quilt Design Board)

There was a time that I realized that I needed somewhere to lay out my quilts so I could look at them and “edit” them easily. Especially since I really seem to like doing the whole “random” patterns.

This was especially true when I started doing the Quilted Wall Hangings for Christmas presents. 2″ squares. Lots of 2″ squares. In a “random” pattern. I really should have known what I was getting myself into.

So I created my own design board. (more…)

Disasterous Cleaning (Again) Pt2

May 27th, 2010 | Posted by Michelle in Cleaning and Organizing - (Comments Off on Disasterous Cleaning (Again) Pt2)

Cleaning takes a lot out of a person. It really is a soul clearing experience, in my opinion.

So I went through the whole unloading of my creative crap into the living room, and now its all clean! Look at that!

Now for the nickel tour…


Disasterous Cleaning (Again) Pt1

May 24th, 2010 | Posted by Michelle in Cleaning and Organizing - (Comments Off on Disasterous Cleaning (Again) Pt1)

So…I went on my crazy cleaning spree with the fabric. I got everything into its nice and neat little piles so I could find everything and it works great.



Why in the world did I figure I should do the same thing to the ENTIRE ROOM?

I’m not really sure what possessed me to do it, but at least now Husband believes me when I say I’m going to take everything out of my room and clean.


Green Squares Scarves

May 18th, 2010 | Posted by Michelle in Sewing | Wearables - (Comments Off on Green Squares Scarves)

My sister was the hardest person to make a Christmas gift for (this is the last Christmas post, I promise). I didn’t think she would like one of the wall hangings I made for other members of the family, mostly because she had JUST graduated law school and hadn’t gotten around to finding her own place yet. She’ll get one later probably but she had no place to put it. We never were really close growing up and we have our differences, but I still really wanted to make her something she would enjoy despite everything.

So I saw this tutorial for a T-shirt scarf on Ruffles And Stuff a while ago and I wanted to try it with something. It looked just so cute!

I also found some really fun and fuzzy green fabric in my stash while I was cleaning that I had no idea what I was going to do with. It seemed perfect.


Quilted Tree Wall Hangings

May 14th, 2010 | Posted by Michelle in Quilts | Sewing - (Comments Off on Quilted Tree Wall Hangings)

This year for Christmas presents I really didn’t have any money to spend on presents for anyone. I know the spirit of Christmas is supposed to be about giving and cherishing your family, showing people appreciation and love. To me the best way to do that is to make something for the people you care about.

I was really fortunate this year to be able to make gifts out of things I already had in my stash of stuff. Overall Christmas cost me a total of about $7. Which is really quite incredible for the gifts I did this year. Grandma’s quilt, quilted wall hangings, and some scarves. I do have to say the quilt was impressive but the wall hangings were by far my favorite finished project.